About Us

Around Poland - Your Travel to Nature

“Around Poland” comes from passion: for Polish nature and travels

After years of gaining experience in two professional areas: tourism industry and nature protection we got back to our origins.
After numerous travels to the most exciting regions and countries in the world we appreciated our own local landscape.
Privately passionate for many sports: climbing, caving, canoes, mountain trekking, running, horses… we wanted to make it our everyday life.
We have realized how proud we are of the stunning variety of wildlife, history, tradition and culture of Poland. That’s why we want to share them with you.


People and their needs are most important

In all we do we focus on the highest quality of trips: organized in the most ecological way, with respect to the tradition and characteristics of visited places, in company of people who we like and appreciate: enthusiasts and experts. We want you to travel like we would do: close to the nature, comfortably and with delicious cuisine. Our mission is to make you explore the world of Polish nature in a natural rhythm and comfort.

We focus on travels in small groups – up to 8 people or 2-3 families (some programs are particularly attractive for families with children). We are proud of the list of unique accommodation places (from local guesthouses to palaces) and a network of friendly and competent guides and environmental experts, photographers and chiefs. We organize trips comprehensively and offer assistance in all necessary issues (insurance, flights, additional services or individual programs).


Together we experience the most beautiful and still unknown Poland: natural, traditional and delicious!


See you in Poland! Do zobaczenia w Polsce!

Urszula, Magda & Around Poland Team

By the decision of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship “Around Poland” owner is a licensed tour operator (number 1973 in the National Register of Touroperators and Agents).