How to book a trip with AP?

What is the Activity Level?


How to book a trip with AP?

Booking a trip with AP consists of 3 easy steps:

Step I – Contact us

If you wish to book a trip, contact us via: the contact form on our webpage (to be found next to every trip description), phone or direct email. We are glad to answer all your questions and amend the details so the trip suits your individual needs.

Step II – Signing the Booking Contract

Having contacted us and agreed all the details of your trip, you will receive an email with the Booking & Travel Contract consisting of: the booking number, the personal data of the participants, trip details, payments and booking conditions. The Booking Contract is to help us guarantee your safety, manage your travel arrangements and ensure your comfort while travelling with us and it is necessary for all participants to sign it prior to joining one of Around Poland’s trips. We hope it provides guidelines for making all the necessary arrangements smooth and quick. The document consist of eight chapters describing: general information and rules; booking processes; payments; cancellations; changes in booking; insurance; complaints and the processing of personal data and right to use images. If you have any additional questions or comments for Around Poland please contact us!

Please read and check the documents carefully, print, sign, scan and send them back to AP.

Step III – AP confirmation and deposit payment

AP will then confirm the reservation by signing a contract and sending the deposit invoice, which will finalize the reservation process following payment. This confirmation is your binding agreement with Around Poland and includes all products, services, dates and terms that you have agreed upon.

What is the Activity Level?

“Activity Level” icons are guides to the type of itinerary and level of challenge one can expect to encounter while travelling on our holidays. The information below explains what each Activity Level means so you can make sure you find the right trip for you.

ACTIVITY_LEVEL_1Activity level 1 – Leisurely – for people who are in good health, enjoy the outdoors and want a relaxing trip packed with interest.

ACTIVITY_LEVEL_2Activity level 2: Moderate – requires a spirit of adventure and some fitness, as the trip may involve more activities.

ACTIVITY_LEVEL_3Activity level 3: Active – requires a good shape and intrest in longer journeys.

ACTIVITY_LEVEL_4Activity level 4: Challenging – fitness is imperative at this level, as the environment may be more remote and challenging.

ACTIVITY_LEVEL_5Activity level 5: Tough – at this level we recommend previous experience of the activity involved.