Our Friends

People we share our passion with

We are able to offer you the best quality trips to Poland thanks to our friends – people who are passionate about Poland in so many different ways! Photographers, able to capture the stunning beauty of Polish nature, guides, sport instructors, owners of the most friendly and welcoming venues and accommodation places. Thank you all for your cooperation!

We especially want to thank Ola Tyrna – author of most of the pictures at our webpage, who was kind to share them with us! To get more of Ola’s work please visit her Picassa web album.


Meet some of our Friends:


Our man in Białowieża Forest: Mateusz Szymura – since 2004 he is employee of Białowieża National Park where he is the head of the Nature Conservation Department. Apart from 10 years of forestry education, his father Arek, an environmental expert, gave him priceless lessons of nature. In his career (since 1998) he guided thousands of people including prince Charles! Since 2009 he has been carrying out researches concentrated on birds. Thanks to him we are able to track bisons and take the most beautiful pictures of them, he is also the best guide for the birdwatchers. There is noone we know, who could uncover more magic of Białowieża Forest than he can, with his beautiful endless stories about Puszcza, it’s inhabitants and history…To see more stunning pictures of bisons, videos from the Białowieża and many more – please visit Arek&Matuesz’s webpage: Arek Szymura “Pygmy Owl” Nature Tours

Katarzyna Gubrynowicz: Professionally she is a graphic designer but her real passion is wildlife photography. She spends all her free time outside of the city, away of civilization. “I look for wildlife in Poland and abroad. I prefer to photograph landscapes but I observe and admire nature in all its forms.” Katarzyna’s works can be viewed here: http://gubrynowicz.pl/fotografia/, https://www.facebook.com/gubrynowicz/, https://www.instagram.com/katarzyna_gubrynowicz/