Birds of Białowieża Forest

For advanced birdwatchers and beginners with lots of enthusiasm! Białowieża Forest is one of the best places to watch forest bird species. Many species, which are rare in yours countries, are still numerous in Białowieża. In this region you may see all European species of woodpeckers, flycatchers, hazel grouse, owls… On meadows surrounding Białowieża village you may see warblers (blith, barred and more species of warblers) corncrake and many more. Just show us your bird species wish list and we will help you to unmark many of them!

All year round, best time end of April till mid of June

Standard tour 3 hours, possible all day

Avarage distance about 10 km – up to 30 km

Groups: min.: 1, max: 10 people

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