Valley of Palaces and Gardens – Lower Silesia

A romantic journey back in time: 18th century palaces surrounded by Sudety Mountains! Accommodation in palaces!





Duration: 6 days
Start and finish point: Wrocław
Tour route: Wrocław – Karpacz – Rudawy Janowickie – Aderspach / Czech – Wałbrzych – Wrocław
Accommodation: 18th century palaces – hotels, local cuisine
Transportation: comfortable buses
6 persons and more – 1199 EUR/per person
4 persons – 1369 EUR/per person
2 persons – 1599 EUR/per person

Price includes: transportation from Wrocław by bus (with English speaking driver; transfer to Wrocław from any other city upon request); accommodations in 18th century palaces – hotels, single or twin rooms with private bathrooms; three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day; entrance fees and insurances.

Price does not include: individual transfers to Wrocław; flights.

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Day 1 Wroclaw – The “Polish Venice”

Wroclaw (in Polish: Wrocław) – one of the biggest and most beautiful Polish cities. Wroclaw is located on 12 islands that are connected by 220 bridges, that is why the city is often called the “Polish Venice”. It has the fourth largest number of bridges (and footbridges) in Europe locating it just behind Amsterdam, Venice and St. Petersburg. One of the attractions is the ride on the nineteenth century historic tram.

Overnight in Wojanów Palace which is a modern hotel situated in the buildings of a historical romantic manorial residency.

Wojanów Palace

Wojanów Palace

Wojanów Palace

Day 2 Villages in Rudawy Janowickie and Sokoliki

The Rudawski Landscape Park is situated in the southern part of Lower Silesia, on the border of the Western and Central Sudetes mountains, part of an ancient range. The Rudawy Janowickie landscape features a number of picturesque river valleys (such as the Janówka or Hutniczy Potok), scattered rock formations like Sokoliki (Falcon Stones), numerous hills, steep slopes, and gorgeous forested terrain with abundant streams. They also provide fantastic views over the beautiful Giant Mountains and the Kamienna Góra Valley, especially from Skalnik. Throughout the Rudawy Janowickie there are many interesting cycle tracks, differing in landscape and level of technical difficulty. Some cyclists might choose to test their abilities on one of the so-called ‘walls of tears’, running from Janowice Wielkie via Mniszków to Polana Mniszkowska. Sokoliki is the most beautiful vantage point of Rudawy Janowickie. Among many atracttions we visit the Palace and the Museum Lomnica (in Polish: Łomnica).

Overnight in Wojanów Palace. The 17th century Palace and park has been thoroughly refurbished and renovated and became a stunning hotel. Surrounding large historical park is an ideal place for outdoor activities such as barbecues and picnics and sport activities.

Day 3 Karpacz and Karkonosze Mountains

Karpacz is a town in Karkonosze Mountains located at 530-885 m above sea level at the foot of the highest peak of the Sudeten Mountains – Śnieżka. The village is one of the most important and beautiful centres for mountain hiking and skiing. The XIIth century medieval Wang Temple is the biggest attraction of Karpacz.

Overnight in 18th century Pakoszów Palace in Piechowice – a stunning hotel with 15 hectares park, a unique combination of history, heritage, charming garden, hospitality and gourmet cuisine.

Pakoszów Palace

Pakoszów Palace

Pakoszów Palace

Day 4 Colourful Lakes and Staniszów Palace

Colourful Lakelets in Rudawy Janowickie (in Polish: Kolorowe Jeziorka) is the name of four artificial ponds formed in place of former mines at the slope of Wielka Kopa mountain (871 m) in Rudawy Janowickie, range in Sudetes Mountains.
Purple, Yellow, Azure (Blue or Emerald) and Green Lakelet (also called Black Pond) are one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Lower Silesia that delight with their unusual vibrant colours.

Overnight in Staniszów Palace – a late Baroque venue built at the end of the eighteenth century. A historical character of the interior gets you closer to the incredible ambience of the former aristocratic place of residence.

Staniszów Palace

Staniszów Palace

Staniszów Palace

Day 5 Czech Rock Town

A trip to Czech Rock Town Aderspach. These are unique blocks of sandstone formed as a result of unequal resistance to weathering of rocks which modeled water, frost and wind. Many rocks have their own names as Sugarloaf, Lovers or the Mayor and His Wife, Sugar chimney, Tooth, etc.

Czech Rock Town Aderspach

Czech Rock Town Aderspach

Czech Rock Town Aderspach

Overnight in Baroque décor Strug’s Palace.

Day 6 Książ Castle – The Pearl of Lower Silesia

Książ Castle is the third largest castle in Poland. It is located on a majestic rock cliff by the side of the Pelcznica River. Beautifully surrounded by the forest within a nature reserve, at the height of 395 m asl, castle is often called “The Pearl of Lower Silesia”. Such location corresponding to the size of the building is very rare in Europe. Located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Wałbrzych is opened all year round. Visitors are fascinated with its hugeness, variety of architectural ideas, turbulent history and unique, picturesque setting.

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