Eye to eye with European bison, the biggest mammal on the continent living in Bialowieza primeval forest in the biggest herd in the wild – autumn 2023 edition.

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Bison in Bialowieza – autumn

599 €/person


Eye to eye with European bison, the biggest mammal on the continent

  • You will discover the last European primeval forest – a natural time capsule and watch a live after-death nature cycle
  • Make friends with a species that was once extinct, Europe’s largest mammal – the bison
  • Experience the stork festival and the amazing spring awakening in Poland’s most ecologically dense region where West meets the East
  • Dine like a typical inhabitants of this historically multicultural Eastern melting pot


3 days

Group size

8 people

Hosted in


599 €/person

  • Price for a person in double room
  • Single room – extra charge 60€/person
  • For booking deposit of 30% is required


Welcome, adventure to the wild! We are leaving Warsaw, the country’s capital, at noon the latest.
Our destination, the region of the Bialowieski National Park, is just some 3 hours north east of Warsaw by car. After checking in at the wooden guesthouse and resting after the transfer, we have lunch – first chance for you to try regional and traditional Podlasie cuisine, famous for dishes influenced by Eastern cuisine, often with mushrooms, potatoes, herbs and local vegetables as well as meat of animals from local forests.
Next we head to the forest with our guide who will start to disclose its secrets for you, along evening beaver tracking.
Region of Bialowieza is worldwide famous for its best-preserved fragments of the natural forest characterized by great richness of species, trees of different ages, growing here in many layers and natural “chaos”, and an abundance of dead wood coexisting here. On a large scale, natural biological processes still take place here, which enable the gradual renewal of the forest without human intervention. The forest is also a home to many endangered mammals like lynx or wolves, and due to its ornithological values, the Białowieża Primeval Forest is a European refuge for birds.
In the evening we dine at a local restaurant. Also, you may wish to enjoy the sauna afterwards (optional and not included) if you want to make the most of your visit to Podlasie.


The day will be packed with emotions! At dawn after only a sip of coffee we start tracking bison at their breakfast in the wild. Our local guide and environmental expert will tell us all about bison behavior, history of its extinction and bring back to life the Bialowieza population, teach us how to differentiate male and female and much more. Once we spot the herd, you will have some time to observe the king of the forest and take pictures.

After breakfast and some rest, we continue to explore the primeval forest (outside of the national park). Parts of this area have not seen major human intervention for over 100 years. A light hike will allow you to discover the richness of the forest: from rare fungi, protected beetles (like pachnica), birds (like sóweczka owl). We will also try to spot tracks of large mammals (foxes, lynx, or wolves).

After lunch, we will stay in the forest but this time we’ll explore it in a more comprehensive manner – on bikes, we will discover the forest’s many different forms and how it coexists with nearby villages and their beautifully painted wooden architecture. Endorphins from sports are a great bonus!

In the evening, hopefully tired and happy, it is time to dine like locals do. You will try the finest local cuisine dishes like solyanka soup or Russian pelmeni. The unique wooden architecture and the charming interior of the restaurant add flavors to the evening. Before sleep, we invite you for a local beer or liqueur tasting and slideshow of pictures presenting Bialowieza forest at different seasons and stories about primeval forest history.


Time to catch a breath! The surrounding silence and majesty of the forest offers a great opportunity to relax in the sun. But you may as well want to continue bike exploration to see examples of the oldest oaks, some of them almost 500 years old and visit the semi natural animal reserve where you may see elks, lynx, wild boars and roe deer among others.
On the way back to Warsaw you will take a brief look at a few more characteristic places of the region. Northeast Poland is one of the most ecologically dense and sparsely populated regions of Poland where many natural areas are protected. Historically it has been a cultural and national mosaic and you may still feel this spirit in some places: like in the colorful Land of Open Shutters or wooden Orthodox churches we will pay a short visit.
On the way you will also see a true stork festival living here in large numbers and nesting in every village! In Podlasie, spring awakening is truly magical, with its picturesque flowery meadows and the scent of nature awakening.
Our trip will slowly come to an end with a late lunch in Tykocin, famous for its Jewish synagogue and brief look at the splendid Narew riverbank.


three meals per day


local wooden guesthouses



Price includes: transportation from Warsaw by minibus (with English speaking driver; transfer from any other city upon request); two nights in local wooden guesthouse, double or twin rooms with private bathrooms, single room – extra charge 60 Euro / person); three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner, including 3 traditional Polish dinners); 3 hours bison safari trip; entrance fee to the Showcase Reserve.

Price does not include: individual transfers; flights; insurance; sauna.

Joining & departure

Pick up from any hotel in Warsaw included, we book pre and post travels accommodation upon request on individual basis.

Essential clothing and things to know

Please don’t forget the following necessary items:
waterproof jacket; warm clothes and layers (even in the springtime it may be cold in the early morning); comfortable trekking / waterproof boots, sunhat, mosquito spray or repellent. Always bring a bottle of water with you.

Activity level

This trip is perfect for adult travelers and teenagers looking for a mild physical challenge. It includes walks for at least 5h per day (the terrain is typically flat).


599 €/person


599 €/person


599 €/person

Is there a different date you’d prefer? To personalise your itinerary, please contact usSee our Booking & Travel Conditions

Bison in Bialowieza – autumn


Lowest price in the last 30 days: 179.00.

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