Must-have ski touring items

How to get ready for a trip

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Add Poland to your travel bucket list!

Easiest booking ever - no deposit

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Quiet please

Pollution has more aspects than you think

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Leave No Trace

Simplicity, zero waste but full experience

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Ski touring like a pro in Poland

How to make winter holidays active and enjoyable

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Time for a bath! In the forest

Healing for all of the senses within your reach

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Autumn – THE season to visit Poland

One of the best periods to plan your trip

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Holidays in Poland in Covid times

How to enjoy your trip to Poland while staying safe

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Tap water in Poland

To drink or not to drink – that is the question!

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Why Poland is the best holidays option for you?

5 things you would not expect about Poland.

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5 Polish writers you need to know

Subjective selection of most popular contemporary authors.

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Tasty Poland

A handy list of cuisine must-haves from Poland.

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