Needless to say that Zakopane is Polish winter capital and you will find this place recommended in any tourist guide. However, we would like to enchant you with some less known places, but surely as magical as Zakopane. So, have you already planned your winter holidays? If not, here’s our 5 top Polish winter destinations.

Gorce Mountains

Off the beaten track, but just an hour by car from Krakow, you will reach wild mountains with breathtaking views. Gorce, part of the Carpahian range, is a perfect place both for easy hikes as well as for more advanced winter ski walks or ski touring trips. In Gorce National Park you may spot such rare species like lynks, wolves and even bears who visit this small protected area during their wanderings. For further information, check out our offer to Gorce

Michał Pahl

Tatra Mountains

Although it’s the most crowded place in Polish mountains all year long, we know where to go to avoid crowds and find the real charm of Tatras. Once you get on a track, you will be delighted with dazzling views of the snow-capped mountains, which can be admired while skiing (there are plenty of ski slopes there). And how to get to know Tatra mountains off the beaten track? A ski tour should be an excellent idea to get marvelous memories from Poland. All this and a great Polish cuisine. For more, check out our offer


Polish winter is beautiful not only in the mountains. You may also be surprised how much other regions have to offer. Like Sulwaszczyzna. First of all, it is a destination for those who adore bitter cold! It is quite common that in winter the temperature often reaches -25 C°! That’s why this region is called the Polish Cold Pole. Situated in the north-east part of Poland, just near the border with Lithuania, Suwałki Landscape Park attracts tourists all year round. But in winter it is simply a must see. Snow-covered hills and frozen lakes will win your heart. Not only can you try ice diving here, but also take a sleigh ride in the Augustów Primeval Forest or go ice fishing. And we know such great accommodation places there, like family agrotourism houses and passionate guides… Interested? Let us know.



The Białowieża Primeval Forest is the last nature reserve in Europe far out of the reach of any major human intervention. It is also the oldest national park in Poland. It owes its popularity mainly to the ancient species of flora – the oldest trees are 130 years old – and rare animals, like the largest wild herd of bison (the symbol of the forest), but also wolves and lynxes. Animal observation is easier in winter when you may track them among trees with no leaves and  follow the tracks on the fresh snow cover. So, winter bison trip to Białowieża? Say no more and check out our offer

Mateusz Szymura

Baltic Sea Coast

If you like to be in less-crowded places, or frankly speaking, almost empty ones, Polish sea coast in winter should be a wonderful trip for you. Stereotypically visited only during the summer time, in calm, sunny winter weather the beach may also be an ideal place for endless walks. Winter by the sea is magical especially in cold and snowy conditions. If you are a thrill-seeker, you may try a cold see bath to strengthen the body’s immunity. Ready for a new adventure?

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