Ski touring trips like every more advanced type of sports activity in the wild require good preparation. It’s about your comfort but more importantly: safety. Make sure nothing will stand in the way of creating the best memories ever. Here’s a list of our top must have items for you! 


Ski touring equipment and clothing is key. The minimum list contains:

  • High quality skis with touring bindings and skins (a special strips to prevent from sliding backwards during ascents)
  • Ski mountaineering boots
  • Ski poles with baskets
  • Ski helmet and goggles

You may also quite easily rent basic good quality equipment – it’s around 30 euro/ day for a basic set. As per clothing, a great combination is a technical set consisting of few light layers (applies to all clothing items): breathable and waterproof outside layer, a soft shell that goes under and some ultralight breathable close to the skin. You may also want to add some waterproof over trousers. For the rest of the items it’s important to choose thermal options and ski special whenever possible – refers to hats, gloves and socks.

At hand

Some of the things that you won’t get on without are obvious like a bottle for water or a vacuum flask or high protein / energy bars. It’s also worth devoting some time to pack well selected medications, including painkillers. It’s better to pack documents in a waterproof cover (not only ID or passport and travel documents, but also insurance – with highlighted telephone numbers, and any kind of club cards for discounts). Also, it’s necessary to think of sun protection – both certified glasses and sun cream with the maximum factor (it’s already well proven that sun may be harmful for our skin).

For the long run

Light rucksack is of the key importance for multi day tours. Make sure that you’ll be able to pack into no bigger than 35/40L as you’ll have to carry it on your back along the way and that it has all the necessary straps for skies and additional equipment.

For good sleep

It differs from the type of accommodation you booked for your trip. For nights at the shelter or mountain guesthouse you should make sure to bring all the necessary toilet items in small bottles and your own towel. A light sleeping bag could also be a good option, as well as ear plugs for a multi bed dormitory. 

We have it covered

Apart from that before every trip you will get a detailed list from your guide. He will also have covered all the additional equipment (snow shovel, climbing harness, crampons) safety kit, first aid and survival equipment.

And no worries if you’re a beginner, we will make sure you know everything you need. For more please check our ski touring offer for 2021 to Gorce and Tatra Mountains 

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