We all said goodbye to 2020 with great relief. Will 2021 be better? For sure! But there are few things that you may do to make sure your travel dreams will come true as soon as possible. Here’s a handy list.

For 2021 we hope for the best

Hope is definitely the feeling we focus on and need the most now. We keep on staring at the calendar and keep our fingers crossed: for our health, jobs and economies, vaccinations and return to the freedom of travels – among many others. Even though we know the pandemic may soon come to an end, we’re still uncertain when and how exactly it may happen in different parts of the world. But one thing is certain – travel lovers are waiting for borders to be open again and won’t waste a second to book their next trip. 

How to smartly return to travelling in 2021

Things will change and in advance bookings may prove to be even more beneficial than before in those crazy circumstances. All the companies and people working in the travel sector will start their operations as soon as possible. That means that it’s better to book your dream options now, especially that most of the reliable partners have already started to offer special booking conditions including free bookings until a very short period before your arrival, flexible rescheduling or cancelling (Around Poland has all of that for our travels to Poland – check here). Around Poland has already tried to encourage you to use the time without travels to work on your truly desired destinations list and devote some online time to research for travel ideas that are truly worth your time and money. We hope that with the stricter limitations to travel on a global level, that to some extent will stay, the time of trash, poor quality travel experiences is over. It’s worth being picky and choosing carefully what you like and how. And remember the saying: early bird catches the worm – may prove to be so true this year!

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What really moves you

And if you are not yet clear on your wishes, it’s high time to do so. Easiest thing to do is to catch up with our hot winter offer (to Gorce, Tatras and Bialowieza), ask for tailor made inspirations or scroll our Instagram for things that catch your eye and make you want to ask: omg, where’s that? Please also vote in our Facebook poll about your expectations for this year’s travels!

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