In times of uncertainty, some pleasures like travels need to be postponed. But you still may plan, book and prepare to make sure you’re ready to hit the road once we’re all able to! Here’s how to do it smart.

Create your travel bucket list

Pandemic it’s time to slow down, and often stop to act spontaneously. You’ve just heard stories from the great trip your friend was telling you about? Seen a magical Instagram account with dozens of travel inspiration you’d like to immediately book? Yes, but not now… This is depressing. That’s why we should not stop dreaming nor planning. On the contrary – let’s make use of the time to better prepare future trips. Even though it may sound awkward, pandemic may give us some extra time to remind ourselves about our real travel dreams. Have you already created your travel bucket list? If so, time to refresh it and plan to operationalise it once we will be able to travel again more freely. And if you never had a time to think of the places you’d like to see – now is the perfect moment!

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Research and ask

With more time comes more options to check different sources and inspirations. With limited time and resources, most of us need to choose and it’s most of the time beneficial, because it helps us to prioritize:) Instagram, travel blogs (like The Journal on Poland at Around Poland:)), articles concerning travels and your passions like all the sources require fact checking. Especially if you plan to visit distant places with different cultures and troubles may be a result of a simple misunderstanding. We also highly recommend checking the clients testimonials in several places online and offline – clients opinions on the internet or your friends travel stories you may learn from. Last but not least, calling a travel agency that is doing stuff you’re interested in should be natural. We’re here to share our passion with you and answer all of your questions!

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Book and start to enjoy

And you do not have to stop here. Cause once you know where you want to head to next, you may already book your travel. In this case, of course search for flexible booking conditions appropriate to the higher level of uncertainty we’re facing nowadays and trustworthy partners. For instance in order to enjoy your travel plans despite the pandemic at Around Poland we have prepared the BUCKET LIST SPECIAL OFFER thanks to which you may book selected trips without any deposit! You may book one of the three winter 2021 trips to Tatra Mountains, Gorce Mountains or Białowieża Forest without any payment and pay only 14 days before your departure to confirm your booking.  

For more information on Covid-19 related rules introduced at Around Poland for guests travelling with us to discover Poland please check this link

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