Don’t get us wrong – we believe that there’s no bad time to visit Poland! But we also have our favorite seasons and months and we’re keen on presenting some of the outstanding advantages of them to you! So why September?

Golden side of sun

Climate in Poland is rather mild in general but temperatures in September and October seem really perfect for both visits to the cities as well as countryside and nature focused trips. Golden Polish autumn slowly kicks in changing the color of the tree leafs, it’s still sunny, often around 20 deg C, but no tiring heat nor crowds as most families focus on the June-August period for their holidays. Worth noting: evenings and nights may already surprise you with really low temperatures! 

Mushroom picking

As you already might have heard, Poles are obsessed with this old national tradition and even lots of young people still cultivate it. For some it’s just another way to spend more time outside and enjoy endless walks in the woods, for some a serious competition over who picks more. But for all – a great start to prepare many delicious traditional dishes with mushrooms like dumplings or even scrambled eggs.

Around Poland

Noisy forests

In many Polish woods male red deer are starting their rut. They are dimmed with hormones and roar to attract the female deers. Breeding season for elks is a bit calmer but still fascinating to watch – it’s called bukowisko in Polish. Those are true magical spectacles – a must see for all the nature lovers.