Poland is open for visitors again. Covid-19 has turned our lives around and its consequences will keep on influencing our world in the upcoming months and years to some extent. While we all try to find our “new normal”, we’re again more on the move, traveling for work or pleasure – because traveling means discovering the world and living! How to do it right, what to watch out for and what to expect to stay safe and benefit from travel experiences after the pandemic?

Back on the track - with a mask

Poland is a member of the European Union and all the high health standards of the block apply to the country. Apart from that, Poland has decided on its individual means to limit the pandemic – similarly to neighboring countries – and Poles did well in exercising social distancing, limiting the scale of the overall pandemic stats, compared to other EU countries.
At this point, borders are open to most of the countries, international transfers as well. It is still obligatory to wear masks in shops and public spaces and people are encouraged to sanitise hands at every turn (it’s not obligatory to wear a mask on the street if you keep the distance of 1,5 m). Rules have become new habits: in public transportation and trains passengers are obliged to sit separately, the number of tables in restaurants is reduced in order to keep the distance, ect. Also all the public institutions, museums are open and every place follows new safety standards. This means that it is possible to visit all the most interesting places, provided you first check and follow all the Covid related restrictions (for details please refer to the end of this article!). In addition, temporary regional limitations may be introduced ad hoc (red and yellow zones).

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Flexibility is the new normal

The pandemic came unexpected and proved we live in turbulent times, where stabilization and advance planning is not granted. Most of the service providers learned that lesson quickly and now offer more flexible cancellation policies or provide last minute services. Check the cancellation policy for your flights, hotel bookings or car rental – most likely at this point even if your trip would have to be postponed, you would be able to reschedule it without extra costs. At Around Poland for instance you will benefit from the option to reschedule your trip within 14 days if any unexpected COVID related events occur. In addition before your arrival you are getting a brief note on the key current safe requirements to follow, prepared upon official Polish authorities sources. And we – your local agents – are always 24/7 at your disposal during your stay in Poland – in case of any questions it’s easier to solve any issue with the assistance of the Polish speaking friend:) To find out more about the Covid-19 related policy for Around Poland guests please read “100% safety with Around Poland”.

Going local, turning green

After the lockdown most of us living in cities desperately waited for a simple walk in the park, afternoon in the countryside became a dream come true:) Pandemic reminded us that nature makes us happy and relaxed, and keeping social distance is easier outside! It’s the perfect moment to try a new traveling style that will not only be enjoyable but also safer in pandemic times. If flights are less reliable, maybe family car trips are an option within your reach? It’s a perfect time to focus on exploring nearby local areas and stunning nature sites. Going local & green makes a perfect combo! Variety of that kind of landscapes in Poland is huge, from white beaches at the north with Baltic sea, 1000 masurian lakes, estern vibes of wild and rural Podlasie, charming castles route meandering in rocky surroundings in Lower Silesia, stunning Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska, majestic Tatra mountains and and so much more! Places where you may rest in silence and private atmosphere are within your reach.

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Trust us - it’s personal

Making sure that you may rely on someone when you need is crucial. Traveling requires trust, nowadays more than ever. Choose smaller companies and places, where you get to know the owner, name of the person that books your trip and you may simply talk and bond with. It’s no time for anonymous relations. And this is one of the foundations for Around Poland – we focus on tailor made, local and eco friendly trips just for you and your friends! And we have perfect partners for that. A true phenomenon has arised in recent years: agroturism or so called rural tourism – almost in every part of the country you are able to find charming, friendly and serving delicious cuisine houses run by locals for guests. Places opposite to the anonymous chain hotels, where the owner welcomes you in the middle of the night at your arrival and serves scrambled eggs in the morning.

Any assistance needed? We're here for you. Contact us via email: [email protected], phone 0048 691 716 836 or Whatsapp (same number). Maybe you'd like to have a video call before your arrival? Let us know and see you in Poland!

More specific Covid related local measures for airports, hotels, restaurants and more below. Please note that all the information needs to be updated regularly – for the latest always refer to one of the recommended official sources like:
https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/aktualne-zasady-i-ograniczenia (in Polish) and https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus/travel (in English).

General Covid -19 related rules in Poland apply to:

• Open spaces: the obligation to keep the physical distance of 1.5 m (if this distance cannot be respected, wearing a mask is mandatory)
• Closed spaces: the obligation to cover the nose and the mouth with a mask or a scarf in public transport, shops, cinemas, theaters, massage parlors, churches, public administrations.

Borders and international transport

• Flights between Poland and most of the EU countries operate normally, with a list of temporary exemptions that you will find here.
• Railways (PKP Intercity) provide international connections within the internal borders of the EU. International connections to Berlin, Vienna, Ostrava, Prague are available. More information: https://www.intercity.pl/miedzynarodowe, https://www.intercity.pl/en/
• International road transport (coaches, passenger cars, trucks) operates normally. There is no border control.
• When entering Polish territory, foreigners are NOT required to present a negative test for COVID-19, nor any other certificate.

• There is no compulsory fortnight for citizens of the European Union and Switzerland, for citizens of EFTA member states and for foreign students enrolled in Polish universities.
• Passengers entering Poland from countries affected by the flight ban are subject to quarantine, as are passengers arriving by plane from Belarus or Ukraine.
• Quarantine is mandatory if you have had contact with a person infected with COVID-19.
• In the event of a positive COVID-19 test result, the quarantine lasts ten days if you have no symptoms and thirteen days if you have symptoms. In this second case, the doctor may decide to extend it.

Poland is open to receive most of the flights from the EU and the world.
When arriving in Poland by plane, you should follow the sanitary rules like:
• Wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose is compulsory in public spaces
• The social distance is 1.5 meters minimum
• Disinfectant gels are at your disposal at each stage of embarkation and disembarkation
• You do not need to take the COVID-19 test before arriving in Poland
• You may have your temperature taken on arrival or departure (medical staff at the airport take care of this)

Hotels & accommodation places
• In Poland, hotels have been open since May 4
• Hotel staff are made aware of and trained in health rules
• The rooms are cleaned according to the new sanitary instructions
• Often hotels are closed to visitors except for guests – people without reservation do not have access to the hotel
• In common areas, wearing a mask is compulsory (hallway, entrance, reception, etc.)
• You must disinfect your hands when entering – disinfectant gels are available at the entrance
• The hotel restaurants and bars are open and can serve meals: when you sit at the table and eat or drink, you can remove the mask
• As for the swimming pools and fitness rooms, they are also open – you can go without a mask
• Always follow the instructions of the hotel staff

• In all the bars and restaurants there must be a sufficient distance between the tables (around 2 m)
• Health regimes, eg. disinfection of tables after each customer, are maintained
• You must disinfect your hands when entering – disinfectant gels are available at the entrance
• You should cover your nose and mouth until you sit down at the table or when you go to the bathroom in a restaurant.

All drivers (public transport, taxi, private drivers) must wear a mask
Wearing a mask is compulsory on board a bus, tram, train, car (private driver), boat, plane, etc.
As for public transport, seats are limited. How many people can board? As many people as there are seats (if there are only seats), or up to 50% of the total number of seats and standing
Guided tours: in the open space, wearing a mask is not compulsory, if the social distance is maintained at a minimum of 1.5 m

Culture sites
• Cultural institutions such as theaters, cinemas, concert halls, galleries and exhibition halls were opened from June
• From now on, visits are maintained individually or in small groups (the number of people in a group depends on the site visited)
• For certain cultural sites, tickets must be reserved in advance, for example through the website
• You must disinfect your hands when entering – disinfectant gels are available to you, usually at the entrance and at the reception
• You should cover your mouth and nose in an open space, when you cannot stay 1.5 meters from others, as well as in a confined space – for example in shops, on public transport